About La Fabrica

David was born in Malaga and moved to London about 10 years ago. He immediately started to import Spanish products to the UK. In addition, he took advantage of his vast knowledge of world wine and in particular Spanish wine and started supplying and choosing wines for restaurants.

About 5 years ago he settled in Stroud Green area and noticed the absence of relaxed dining experience in the neighbourhood. A place that brings together the characters of south of Spain to versatility that is today’s Stroud Green Road. A place residents can have an exciting glass of wine with a bite or two of well and freshly prepared food, Spanish style.

Working in the wine industry, he met the guys who ran a small restaurant in Hornsey called La Pradera and that was the beginning of this adventure. Things started to get even better when David’s best friend Fran, a young and exciting chef also from Malaga, decided to move to London.

While the transformation from old Indian restaurant to an exciting and modern Spanish Bar was taking place, the pair succeeded in attracting some of the best talents that they worked with in the past, such as Jordi Montalban from Granada.

The idea is simple, to cook only from authentic Spanish ingredients and fresh local produce to be accompanied with wonderful wines. After all, this is the Spanish way of life.